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Soft Consulting West Team is a small company focused upon WinMENTOR ERP implementation services.
Also, we are software developer and we provide a wide range of services in Information Technology.


WinMENTOR - v.870.01
WinMENTOR v.870.01 released in 14.06.2019
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AsigAssist - insurance brokers software
AsigAssist v 2.13 released in 04.04.2010
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Soft Consulting West Team - member in Oracle Partner Network
Having acquired the partnership with Oracle, we have access to assistance for the development and delivery of proprietary integrated applications with Oracle products.
Oracle are the most popular databases used worldwide in the field of applications for bussiness management and data storage.
Oracle Romania official site

Soft Consulting West Team - GeCad Net reseller
The portfolio of solutions we provide has been completed by our status of GeCad NEt reseller having acquired
some of the best antivirus products available on the market.
GeCad Shop - antivirus products

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